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A brief history of Sparkline's Analytics training and capability.

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Initially developed as a 4 year program for Google to train graduates to become digital analysts, called 'Squared Data'.

Sparkline evolved the program to align to the Digital Analytics Association competency framework 1, ensuring it covered all the necessary business applicable tools and techniques to kick start an Analytics Career.

Googles feedback;

"the Sparkline team have been great partners to Google in delivering the SquaredData program, a flagship example of public-private sector up skilling for Singapore in the areas of data and analytics over the last 4 years "

Joanna Flint Managing Direct Google

We hope this helps you in the stepping stone to a fabulous Data Driven Career xx

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Sparkline, a digital analytics consultancy, serving global businesses to use data more effectively to make better business decisions, has been trusted for 6 years to train the industry. The digital landscape changes so dramatically that the skills required to run marketing in businesses has left big gaps in what we know. Our programs are about filling those gaps, empowering people to understand how data can dramatically shift business performance and provide confidence to train across soft and hard skills.

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